Get your SDCC Member ID now or else


A word of caution to SDCC hopefuls still in the embryonic stage of Comic-Con life. On their Purchase Badges page, CCI has a special section that addresses those of you who have never signed up for a Member ID.

It goes through the usual yammer about signing up, but then it says - pointedly - "We strongly suggest that you sign up for a Member ID now if you are interesting in attending Comic-Con 2015." Later it mentions that the Member ID system will close "without prior notification" in advance of any badge sale event.

I doubt it's going to close next week or anything, but since they probably wouldn't mind capping the number of badge sale participants (and neither would we) I fully expect them to seal that portal at some point well before next spring's Open Registration. So go ahead and get your Member ID if you're one of those procrastinators who just hasn't yet for some reason.

You're not obligated in any way by doing so - if you decide you never want to have anything to do with San Diego Comic-Con again, you can just leave your account hanging. But it's a good thing to have on the off chance you might want to try for a badge.

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