ECCC 3-day badges are almost sold out


I know this isn't the most welcome news, but here it is: ECCC 3-day passes are more than 2/3 sold out. The Celebrity Fast Pass has sold out completely (as the Deluxe Pass has been since the third minute of the sale.) Single days are still ripe for the picking.

There has been some ire around the fact that the badges are selling so quickly (they've been on sale for 2 weeks - last year they took until January to sell out) and that they are only available online. I kind of get it. And I do feel bad for people who are watching their comfortable local Con grow like a radioactive monster.

But mostly I feel bad for future us, because this is how it all starts. Last year it sold out in months, this year it's selling out in weeks. Next year it'll sell out even faster and the year or so after that we'll be yelling at our computers in an online sale that seems impossibly fast.

Get your 3-day badge now.


  1. Yep, you've got it right. Next year it might sell out in days. And the year after that, the servers will be slammed with people purchasing immediately.

    OTOH, I'm also glad that a great con like this is finding the success it deserves. But yeah, more of that 'and this is how it begins' feeling.

    Keep in mind that part of this rapid badge-buying might be precisely because ECCC has made official announcements regarding how many badges have been sold. That can only 'feed the frenzy'.

    What freaks me out is the way they are so blase about scalpers, sharing badges, etc. So if for some reason people miss buying badges, there are other options that are completely condoned by ECCC. (The only thing ECCC seems to be worried about is counterfeit badges).

    1. Yes, I noticed they are pretty casual about badge swaps and other things that would make CCI hemorrhage. It's interesting to see how the different approaches play out.

  2. They are 90% sold out of 3 day badges, as of about midnight Pacific time. They might actually sell this thing out (of 3 day badges, anyhow) by the end of the month! That's much faster than I anticipated. Doesn't bode well for next year.