No appeal for the convention center expansion

27 AUGUST 2014

More dismal news on the convention center front; the San Diego City Council will not appeal the recent court ruling that killed its financing plan for the expansion.

This isn't as simple as the expansion happening or not. Other possibilities are now in play, some of which don't sound all that appealing. One option is finding alternative financing; another is exploring "a non-contiguous expansion at a different location that could include a new stadium for the Chargers."

Yes - the Chargers, the original foes of the plan, and their dream stadium are rising to the fore again. Their idea is that the stadium could be used for conventions (the ultimate Hall H) while JMI Realty likes the idea of putting exhibit space under the field. Either solution would be blocks away from the convention center. The Chargers originally threatened to leave San Diego over this very issue, so it's easy to frame this as a Jocks vs. Nerds battle - but municipal politics are always thorny.

In any case, it doesn't look like we'll get our expanded convention center by 2017. I still believe CCI won't pull out of San Diego entirely; I think either it will become a more dispersed experience like NYCC is doing or break into two Cons, one in LA and one in San Diego. No doubt people will be dissatisfied either way but let's hope for a positive solution.

Sorry I don't have better news for you.

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