What are you doing today?

24 JULY 2014

Good morning, everyone. Are we ready?

So we know that people started lining up yesterday evening for the big rooms. Congratulations on being a zealot and ruining it for the rest of us, crazies. (Just kidding, I know that camping is some people's thing.) Obviously people are stoked for Benedict Cumberbatch and Batman. My Penny Dreadful dreams are pretty much dust right now but we'll see how the day goes.

I don't know if there's an Indigo Ballroom line yet (I'm guessing yes) but I've heard a ton of people mention the illustrious George RR Martin and Jack Black and the Goonies, so this could be a bigger draw than Ballroom 20.

We have NASA at 3 in 6A. That'll be a draw for sure. What I also heard a lot about at breakfast: the Mattel and WWE panel this morning. Also Heroes of Star Wars Rebels later this evening.

I haven't heard a whisper about the Battlestar Galactica panel, but it'll probably be a good panel that you can actually get into.  If you fall on the bookish side of nerddom, remember that there's an Avatar panel with Alan Moore, Max Brooks and Garth Ennis at 1:30 and a Batman 75 panel with Scott Snyder, Frank Miller, Grant Morrison, Neal Adams at 3:30. And Robert Kirkman and the Walking Dead at 4:15.

In other words, don't be bitter if you don't get into the big rooms. And remember, all of the outside events go live today. If you're not otherwise engaged, this is the day to do them - because word hasn't spread through the crowd yet and the lines won't be as bad. 



  1. Hi, what's the best way to get into the really big parties? Also, is it rude to haggle at booths?

    1. Which big parties? The general answer here is, ask around and see if you know someone who knows someone - or cash in all your personal capital. Sometimes that works, and sometimes not so much.

      And no, but be reasonable and polite. Don't try that "what, that's ridiculous, I'm not paying that, I'll give you one dollar and that's my final offer" bombast. Be smooth.