Visit The Haunted Hotel & Zombie Apocalypse store

2 JULY 2014

The Haunted Hotel is opening up off-season for Comic-Con again. I've never gone (though I love haunted houses) but it's been named one of the top 13 haunted houses in America and featured on The Travel Channel so I trust that it's good. This year you'll find "the creepiest doll island you will ever visit, try to escape the torturous grasp of the Dissectors and watch your step as you come aboard our Clown Subway."

You'll also get to shop at a version of Vegas's Zombie Apocalypse store on the way out - and not just on the below nights. The store will be open every day of the Con.

Haunted House hours: Friday, 25 July and Saturday, 26 July. 7-11 pm both nights.

Zombie Apocalypse store hours: 9 am - 10 pm from Wednesday, 23 July -Sunday, 27 July.

How much: $18 cash at the door for regular people; $15 with a Comic-Con badge.

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