Panel news so far

7 JULY 2014

Programming will come out on Thursday, but plenty of panels have already been announced. Some are predictable (hi, Archer and Bob's Burgers at the Indigo Ballroom) and some are brand new (welcome to SDCC, American Horror Story.)

Saturday evening continues to work its superstar mojo - not only are there lots of choice events happening at that time outside the Con, but there are now several panels bound to draw a crowd: the DC Gotham/Flash/etc blowout in Hall H, American Horror Story at 7 in 6DE, Fight Club and Chuck Palahniuk in 25ABC at 7, and the Star Wars/ Star Trek panel at 8:30. While you could reasonably predict the demographics for those will lure different crowds, it's still going to be a tough choice for many attendees. And we don't even know where Kevin Smith might end up.

If you see something missing below, or want me to add your panel to this list, let me know.

Wednesday night

The pilots of The Flash, Constantine, and iZombie , with a new episode of Teen Titans Go! Ballroom 20.


Hall H will have Batman with Julie Newmar and Adam West at 6. I saw them recently and they give great panel, so don't miss this if you're a fan of the 60's show.

Ballroom 20 kicks off with 24 at 10, followed by Community at 2:15, Teen Wolf at some point, and Penny Dreadful (moderated by Aisha Tyler) at 7.

Dig is at 11:30 in Indigo Ballroom.
Legends is at 12:30 in 6A.
#FreeBabylon5: A Fan Campaign is 10 - 11 am in 29A.
The Legacy and Return of Battlestar Galactica is at 10:30-11:30. 6BCF. Expect a healthy line for this one.
2000 AD Zarjaz Hour - 2-3 pm. 29A.
Hannibal is at 4:45-5:45 pm.
Childrens Hospital: 6-7 pm. Room 25ABC.
Marie Lu/Sci-Fi and Fantasy Lit. TBA.
Witches of the East End. 5:45-6:45 in 6DE.
Dr. Horrible's Sing Along. 8:30-10.


Ballroom 20 has: Big Bang Theory at 10, Bones at 12:30, The Originals at 4:15, Arrow at 5:30.

Hall H has Walking Dead, probably Game of Thrones and 20th Century Fox/The Maze Runner at 4.

Indigo Ballroom looks a lot like last year: Bob's Burgers at 4, Archer at 5. Expect other animation before this, but more child-oriented.

iZombie pilot will be shown at 11:30 in 6BCF. The 100 will follow it at 3:15, followed by Sleepy Hollow at 5:45.

Outlander: 2:15 in 6A, followed by Bates Motel at 3:30, followed by Vikings at 4:45.

Mike Tyson Mysteries: 2:30-3:15. Indigo Ballroom.
Neil Gaiman Documentary: 6ish, TBA.
Brickleberry is at 5:30 in Room 25ABC.
Game Your Brain to Superhero Status - TBA.
Vengeance and Villains/Marie Lu. TBA.


Ballroom 20 has: The Simpsons at 10, Family Guy at 1, American Dad at 2, Grimm at 3, Vampire Diaries at 4.

Hall H has Warner Bros/DC - Gotham premiere, The Flash pilot, Constantine & Arrow from 8-11 pm. Where will Kevin Smith go?

Spark Your Creativity is at 1:00-2:00. TBA.
The Secrets and Art of Great Acting and Performing: 7-8 pm. 30CDE.
Fight Club with Chuck Palahniuk will be at 7 pm in  25ABC.
Constantine is at 5:15 in 6BCF, followed by Person of Interest at 6:15.
The Psychology of Star Trek vs Star Wars: Episode IV: 8:30 pm. TBA

Salem will be at 5:45 in 6DE. With all of the other Saturday don't-miss panels and parties, I'd say getting into this one could be doable for you Cotton Mather fans.... except that American Horror Story follows it  at 7:00. This is a look both at Coven and the upcoming Freak Show and should be very very popular.


Hall H has either Sons of Anarchy or Supernatural up first at 10 (I've seen conflicting times announced), following by The Following at 11:15, followed by The Strain at 12:15.
Teen Titans Go! 11:45 - 12:45. 6BCF.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sing-Along: TBA.


  1. Do you know which room American Horror Story will be in? Is it going to be in 6DE? I am a little confused on this. Also, do you have a guess if that panel will be crowded (like Hall H crowded)?

    1. Yes, right now it's scheduled to follow Salem in the same room - 6DE. Sorry to be unclear.

      This will be a very popular panel - AHS has a huge following and this is their first year at SDCC. And 6DE only holds 884 people. However, all of the competing panels will draw off some of the crowd, and so will the many events taking place at that time (Zombie Walk/Prom, Welcome to Night Vale, Star Trek/Symphony, etc.)

      My best advice is to monitor that room's line starting in the morning and see if people are already lining up. That will tell you how serious people are about this panel. When Saturday's programming is released this weekend, you can check what the preceding panels are before Salem. That will help you determine if the room will clear out or if people are likely to hang around for both Salem and AHS.

      I'm surprised they didn't slot this in a bigger room, like 6BCF.