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8 JULY 2014     
Last night I posted a brief guide to your transportation options at SDCC. The most popular of these is probably the Trolley operated by the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS)  - and just in time for Comic-Con, they're releasing a new mobile ticketing app, mTicket.
If your first thought was that the app will save you from waiting in line at ticket vending machines or booths - you are correct. You can buy and store paperless Trolley tickets right now for SDCC on your smartphones. That includes purchasing multiple passes to cover your entire group. How do you get the app? Through the App Store or Google Play - and it's free.
These are the prices: 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-day passes are available for $5.50, $10, $13, $16 and $20 respectively. You don't need a Compass Card with mTicket and you can activate your ticket at any time on the day of travel before boarding the Trolley. A day pass is just what it sounds like - unlimited rides all day on all Trolley lines and most bus routes.
Now. As mentioned earlier, MTS also has printed a limited quantity of commemorative Comic-Con day passes. These cost the same as mTickets but they are sold in person. You can get them at ticket booths at select Trolley stations or The Transit Store at 102 Broadway. If you want one and you're not local, go ahead and call The Transit Store at (619) 234-1060 to get yours.

It's not too often you find a way to eliminate a line at Comic-Con, so hats off to MTS for making our lives a little bit easier this July.

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