Getting around at Comic-Con

8 JULY 2014

Regardless of how you'll arrive at Comic-Con - by plane, by car, by yacht, by foot - you're going to need to get around while you're there. The shuttles are a big help but their destinations are limited, so it helps to know what other transportation is at your disposal.

First, know that traffic in the Gaslamp District and around the convention center can be ungodly. It's not just attendees arriving, but delivery trucks unloading event supplies, naïve people who think it'd be fun to drive down and see the nerds, and regular residents, with all vehicles paused to let throngs of pedestrians cross before them. I cannot stress enough how frustrating it is to spend 40 minutes trapped in one spot while you watch everyone else walk into the convention center. For this reason, avoid driving as much as you can during peak hours. If you want to take your car out of the hotel at night when you go out, it's not that big a deal. But in general, you really won't need to drive much once you're at the Con.

Here are some alternatives to driving a car.

The SDCC Shuttle Bus. This isn't the shuttle that takes you from your hotel to the convention center - it's more like the Comic-Con Jitney and it goes downtown, to the airport, out to Mission Valley and other places. Which means if you're flying in, you don't have to pay for a cab to get to your hotel.

Pedicabs. These are a godsend when your feet are killing you and you can't bear the thought of walking another 8 blocks to meet your friends for dinner. Don't feel bad about flagging them down to take you short distances - as long as you tip handsomely, it's all good.

Taxis. Obviously these are in abundance everywhere. Hotels, airports, deserted streets late at night, cruising slowly along Harbor Drive.

The MTS trolley. San Diego doesn't have a subway system but they have an effective trolley that stops right at the convention center both by Lobby A and Lobby D. During the Con they will run every 7.5 minutes from 6 am - 10 pm. This is a good choice in general, but especially if you're depositing your car at a park-and-ride lot or staying in a Mission Valley hotel.

Because everything in San Diego must have some sort of special Comic-Con version of itself, they are offering a limited quantity of commemorative SDCC 2-day, 3-day, 4-day and 5-day passes. These cost $10, $13, $16 and $20 and are sold at select Trolley Stations.

Amtrak. This is a very attractive option for anyone coming down from LA. But bear in mind that if you are coming from LA, you'll need to make a reservation 23-27 July; no walk-ons. Amtrak deposits you at the Santa Fe Depot on Broadway - from there you can walk to the convention center or take the trolley.

Coaster Commuter Train. This runs north-south and serves 8 stations between Oceanside and San Diego, with the entire route taking about an hour. This also stops at the Santa Fe Depot.

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