Evening with Dave Gibbons

10 JULY 2014

IDW has gone and done it; they've overshadowed every single other exclusive at the Con this year. I won't say they reduced them all to shoddy trinkets but it's going to be hard to compare to this.

They're bringing 25 - and 25 only - "Artifact Editions" of Watchmen. This will feature over 100 story pages and numerous extras, and is priced at $500. AND if you buy it, you also get to have dinner with Dave Gibbons (and the other 24 people who are as extravagant as you are.) Or maybe dinner is $500 and you get the book with it. Regardless, it's on 24 July and Gibbons will sign and sketch in all 25 copies.

Side note: this is not the same book as the cheaper but still exclusive edition that will be sold at IDW's booth.

If you want to be one of the top 25 Comic-Con ballers, act now. There are still a few spots left.

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