Can you help Nerds in Recovery?

9 JULY 2014

Set foot into Comic-Con and you'll see a vast assortment of people of every age, interest and description imaginable. And the Con is pretty good about catering to those different groups in terms of content. However, there is one group that doesn't get much thought: attendees in recovery.

Whether you are just thinking about starting your sobriety journey or you've got 20+ medallions at home, whether you struggle with Jack Daniels, meth, weed or Oxy, it helps to have a safe haven when you're away from home - especially when there's a party everywhere you turn.

So Nerds in Recovery is starting a meet-up for people in recovery. It's envisioned as a safe place where people can encourage each other, share stories and have fun. And you don't have to be officially sober to come to this; if you're still struggling, you're more than welcome to come spend time with sober people (who tend to be a pretty interesting group) and ask any questions about recovery or just keep yourself distracted for a while.

However, the group needs help - basically they need a place to meet. It doesn't have to be especially huge, but it does need to accommodate 10-15 people and be free. Obviously that rules out hotels, meeting venues and other places that charge.

If you know of a place, email You can also help by publicizing this on social. And if you have sober friends who will be at the Con, please let them know they have support waiting for them at Comic-Con.

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