The shuttle schedule and map is out

25 JUNE 2014

CCI has released the 2014 Comic-Con shuttle schedule and map.

The shuttles begin on Wednesday, 23 July and run that day from 3 pm - midnight. Then they start again on Thursday, 24 July at 4:30 am and continue straight through the Con until Sunday evening at 7 pm. Frequencies vary but range from every 15-30 minutes.

While you're looking at the map, remember that you don't have to just take the shuttle from your hotel/parking lot to the convention center and back. You can also take a shuttle that goes near your restaurant, bar or event that night. So even if you're staying at the Hilton Bayfront and don't think you'll set foot on a shuttle, it's worth checking out the map and seeing if any of the existing routes can eliminate a cab ride or long walk for you.

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