Comic Creator Connection is back

24 JUNE 2014

It's back: writers and artists will get the chance to suss out each other's interests, skill sets and collaborative chemistry at Comic Creator Connection. You get 5 minutes to meet each artist/writer and decide if you'd like to exchange contact information to move forward. 

This year it's only happening on Thursday and Sunday. Anyone with a Friday or Saturday badge, you can't participate - sorry. Once again, artists can sign up for both days and writers have to pick only one because there are just too damned many of us.

Previously CCI held Comic Pitch Reviews to help you practice your pitching skills but I don't see that mentioned this year. Instead there's a Comic Creator Connection All Stars panel on Thursday at 11 am in room 32AB.

Session I - Room 29B

Thursday, 24 July 2014

7:00 - 9:00 pm

Session II - Room 29B

Sunday, 27 July 2014

1:00 - 3:00 pm

What to bring

You should bring business cards, your portfolio or at least 20 copies of a one-page writing sample. Make sure your portfolio URL, contact info and LinkedIn are included and have your best pitch ready. Remember, you're not selling your work but looking for a collaborator, so be ready to explain your influences, your storytelling techniques and show samples that indicate how you create - not just how commercially successful you've been in the past.

If you feel awkward rejecting someone to their face (who doesn't) have a few lines prepared to let people down gently. If you do find a possible match, don't just swoon over their pretty work - ask how experienced they are at remote collaboration, who they've partnered creatively with in the past and what day job/other project obligations are already claiming their time. Lots of people can write/draw well on their own, but fusing two creative visions is a whole separate ability. And there's nothing worse than investing in a project that eventually dies because your partner flaked.

If you have problems remembering people, only focus on the few people who strike you as really having potential. Write down a number indicating your own interest level and a few words describing them right before you leave. Most people have a head shot on their LinkedIn or site which should also help.


This is Comic Con, so signing up in advance is highly recommended, which you can do by emailing and writing "Comic-Con Comic Creator Connection" in the subject line. Apparently specifying "Comic-Con" is really important when emailing San Diego Comic-Con. Indicate whether you're an artist or a writer in your email.

Interestingly, CCI says there will be onsite registration, which suggests that people aren't chomping at the bit to sign up for this. Apparently there is still an SDCC program in existence that doesn't completely fill up ahead of time. Who knew.


  1. I have done the Creators Connect a few times I always love it. Thing of it as speed dating for artists/writers. Sadly, there are always way more writers then artist but I always enjoy it and highly recommend it!

    1. That's a glowing endorsement. Have you been able to get a collaboration going with someone you met there?