Last-minute housing

8 JUNE 2014

For whatever reason, there seems to be an entire delegation of badged attendees who don't have a hotel room. If this is you, here's some good news: there are still rooms available through CCI/Travel Planners. People keep saying there aren't any, but I think that's because when you log into reservations, it flashes an all-caps sign saying THERE ARE NO DOWNTOWN HOTELS AVAILABLE. There are still other rooms. Go in and look.

Also, if you want to stray off the hotel room path, check Craigslist San Diego for ads. It's kind of an odd situation, because locals don't need rooms and remote people who need rooms probably don't check Craigslist San Diego. But that's where most residents are advertising the use of condos, spare rooms and so on.

I'm still hoping CCI holds a small combination badge/hotel room sale like they did a few years back. I have no grounds for thinking this will happen, but on the off chance they do, it's smart to book up rooms now if you need them. Don't wait any longer.

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