Do you want to cover New York Comic Con?

3 JUNE 2014

Whether or not you scored a badge for SDCC, your thoughts are probably still on this summer and the geek pageantry lighting up the West Coast this July. But now is the time to turn your thoughts East and contemplate trying for a spot covering New York Comic Con for Bleeding Cool.

Your duties are described as "covering the panels, discovering new comics, interviewing the creators, catching all the cosplay, gossiping in the bars, or just basking in the glory of it all." And you need to come equipped with your own laptop or tablet and be prolific enough to write 3 articles a day.

Words that are used in the announcement several times: "team" and "strong." As in, you won't be a lone wolf, roaming the Con and typing your isolated perspective, but working with the rest of the Bleeding Cool tribe. And you need a strong voice and "strong local knowledge," which suggests that maybe long-distance nerds need not apply.

Normally I dislike posting opportunities that don't clearly outline the compensation involved, but I'm going to assume you at least get your Con paid for. And of course the opportunity to put Bleeding Cool in your publication credits.

If you think you're the right person, email Editor-in-Chief and coordinator of convention coverage Hannah Means-Shannon at

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