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22 MAY 2014

I just want to apologize for this blog's plunge into the doldrums of angst and bureaucracy. Soon enough we will get to the fun part of Comic-Con news - the panels, the parties, the toys, the scandals.

But today we're still stuck on the arrangements part of attending the Con, namely, arranging care for your offspring. You can register now with KiddieCorp to offload your kids onto trained professionals, so you can roam the Con unencumbered. If this is your first time using the service, they're right there on site, they've been doing this for 28 years (!) and they offer the kids a range of activities, snacks and drinks. In other words, you don't need to feel guilty for parking your kids while you go have fun.

What you need to supply: diapers, formula, change of clothes and meals.

Age range: Infancy - 12 years old

When you need to register by: 23 June, but space is limited - so claim your space sooner rather than later. You can register after that but prices go up and well, this is Comic-Con, so there's no guarantee there will be space left.

Cost: $9 an hour for kids 6 months - 2 years old; $7 an hour for kids 3-12. Those prices are only good until 23 June. After that, rates go up to $11 and $9.

Are these people trustworthy: Yes. I don't have kids, but everyone I've known to use KiddieCorp has been happy with them. Everyone I've known to try to get a toddler to wait in a Hall H line: not so happy.

If you're new to parenting at Comic-Con, it's good to think now about lines, plans and your child's aptitude for all of it. Things like being pushed around in a stroller in a crowded Exhibit Hall can be intimidating for small people, and the general stress and loudness of the experience can wear some kids out fast. (And some adults.) So it's not a bad idea to have contingency plans for if your kid hits a wall and needs a break.

Find out more here.

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