Ace's plan to fix your parking woes

21 MAY 2014

I know you're sick of hearing about the parking sale. I'm sick of posting about it. Nevertheless, Ace has given us some updates and they must be shared.

  • First off, they're currently working out how to accommodate those of you who were charged for a reservation but didn't get an actual spot.
  • Duplicate charges - refunds will be submitted to your banks by EOD tomorrow. I know that's not much comfort for those of you who had hundreds of dollars withdrawn from your accounts.
  • Reservations - first of all, check your status by going into your Ace account and looking under purchased reservations. If you don't see anything, you'll need to book another spot. Your reservation did not go through.
  •  If you do have a reservation, you'll need to check if it's valid. You'll know this by the dates and locations under the bar code: your reservation is legit if these are listed. If not, your reservation did not go through.

This is a much more layered hell than your typical online sale disaster. The people whose checking accounts are overdrawn by hundreds of dollars. The people who were asleep when the sale experienced its midnight resurrection. The people who thought they had reservations and wound up with nothing. It's like a bomb that won't stop going off.

And all over a parking spot.

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