Hotel reservations go live again Weds, 23 April

23 APRIL 2014

Hey, that's today. As of 9 am PST on Wednesday, you can log into the system, view available rooms at Travel Planner hotels, and rectify the terrible injustice that was dealt you a few weeks ago.

At risk of being repetitive, remember that sometimes you can achieve your greatest hotel happiness by splitting your stay. If a great hotel only has 2 nights available, grab those nights and suffer through the other 2 in the bad hotel. Packing up your stuff and taking it on the shuttle shouldn't really be that onerous.

You can still get your deposit back, can still move freely around San Diego for another week. As of 30 April, you're stuck paying at least one night's deposit on whatever you already put down - so this is the week to be creative.

Another option, depending on your energy levels and appetite for risk: cancelling a night on either end and spending it homeless. This can be a sensible option if you already know you're going to be in an overnight badge or Hall H line, or just out all night, or you have enough friends attending that you can crash on someone's floor. Or you can depend on the kindness of strangers, which does abound at Comic-Con - I don't know if all nerds tend to be fairly spontaneous and trusting amongst their own kind, but at SDCC they do. Just remember that bag check isn't overnight, so you can't depend on that for stashing your stuff.

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