Did everyone get a room?

23 APRIL 2014

Despite the frustration of the morning, I think most everyone finally got into the system and booked some kind of room, even if the hotel itself was a disappointment. I just went in as a test and confirmed there are still plenty of hotels available, a few even from Wednesday-Sunday. Most are 5 miles or more from the convention center, but there are plenty to choose from still.

If you have yet to pick one, I'd go with the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina. It's only 3 miles away, it's on the shuttle route, they served a killer breakfast buffet last time I stayed there, and it has some nice ocean views. Or if you don't mind the commute: Hotel Del Coronado. Historic, gothic, beautiful and haunted, it has incredible restaurants, including the best ice cream shop in San Diego. And you can walk right out on the beach and watch dolphins jump around in the waves. (And sometimes catch Navy SEALS working out, if you're partial to that kind of scenery.)

Given that I landed at the Hyatt, I feel like a bit of a hypocrite for saying this - but I do want to point out that everyone is getting a hotel room. This is why I advised a few months back against panicking and plunking down a hefty nonrefundable deposit on overpriced rooms. Yes, it can suck to stay out by the airport, but you shouldn't let it ruin your Comic-Con anticipation. It's a ten minute ride to the convention center. That's it. You're probably saving almost a hundred dollars a day besides. If you're feeling absolutely devastated over ending up at La Quinta Mission Valley, think about all the people who got shut out of the badge sale. I guarantee they would happily check into the La Quinta this July.

Okay, I'm done sounding like your mom. Go ahead and resent me because I'm at the Hyatt. I just hate to see people lose their Comic-Con excitement over a hotel room. Trust me, once you're there, you'll be so caught up in the rush and the glory that you really won't care where you're sleeping that night.

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