You do have a Member ID, right?

10 MARCH 2014

Saturday night I met someone who informed me he 1) was going to San Diego Comic-Con this summer and 2) had no idea what a Member ID was.

I think I'm preaching to the jaded choir here, because if you read this blog, then you've read the term "Member ID" about 7,149 times - but I'll say it again. If you want to get a badge for Comic-Con, you need a Member ID. And it's too late to get one for 2014. It'll open again after Open Registration, but for this year, if you dragged your feet on getting a Member ID, you're out of the running. There is no way for you to participate in the online badge sale.

Sorry. Everyone else, you can rejoice in the number of competitors being capped.

We still don't have a date for Open Reg and I don't think we will until the official announcement, which will probably go out on a Thursday-Friday. Stay tuned.

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