Help make Nerd HQ happen

12 MARCH 2014

If you've never been to Nerd HQ before, you're missing out. It's not officially part of San Diego Comic-Con, but it takes place right there at the same time, and offers a different breed of fan experiences, including tech/gaming demos, social events and celebrity panels. If you tend to grumble about Comic-Con going mainstream, or being divorced from its original roots, cross over to Petco Park and plunge right into Nerd HQ. It doesn't look like old Comic-Con, but there's a familiar authenticity and sense of community there that - let's be honest - sometimes gets lost across the street.

This year Nerd HQ needs your help. Zach Levi is crowdfunding the 2014 event on Indiegogo, to the tune of asking for a cool $1 million to cover production costs like staff, security, lighting, crew, venue, etc.

What you can contribute: Anything from $5 on up

Where you can contribute: Indiegogo

Deadline: 24 April

Find out more here.

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