Open Registration is now

15 MARCH 2014

10:24 am

And it's over. Comic-Con 2014 is sold out.

10:21 am

Only Sunday left.

10:16 am

Thursday is running low.

10:09 am

I recognize this is a wholly personal decision, but I do wish people would reconsider their "Preview Night or nothing" attitudes. I know for out-of-towners, it's hard to cough up for 4 nights in a hotel with two days missing from the Con, but there is A LOT to do around the Con. Nerd HQ, Gam3rCon, the beach, the attractions in various parking lots and boats, and of course the parties.

Yes, if you're all about seeing the Game of Thrones panel, you're screwed. But if you just generally feel like Thursday and Sunday badges are second-rate, you're wrong. On Thursday, the Exhibit Hall is fully stocked. Sunday has plenty of discounts and deals. Both days have good panels. It's worth it, trust me.

Also remember that even a one-day badge qualifies you for Pre-reg next year, effectively doubling your chances for 2015.

10:06 am

Apparently we've reached the anger stage of the badge sale. Lots of "fuck you, Comic Con" tweets.

10:01 am

Friday's gone.

10:00 am

Friday running low; Preview Night and Saturday are gone.

9:57 am

Preview Night and Saturday are running low.

9:50 am

Apparently some people are having an actively spinning blue circle and a stuck yellow bar, and can't tell if they're actually stuck or not. Contact CCI pronto if this is you. You want to document all issues by 1) screenshotting them and 2) putting some kind of timestamp via Tweet or email on them as evidence. Tweet @Comic_Con and email

9:45 am

Still nothing sold out. Stay positive.

9:34 am

My friend just got Preview Night, for what that's worth.


Don't refresh, don't back space, don't give up. DO NOT get discouraged as you see all the jubilant reports from people who just bought badges. Just hang tight.

9:20 am

CCI claims to be moving people through every 120 seconds. Maybe they did improve the system.

9:16 am

People are started to buy badges. Cross your fingers and do not freak out as the minutes go on. You still have a great chance of getting a badge even if you're not picked right away. Don't lose your religion over this. (Although it's worth noting that I'm a complete hypocrite - I was picked early during Pre-reg and even so, I was in heart-pounding, gut-twisting anxiety for the seven minutes before that happened.)

9:10 am

It looks like the waiting room yellow bar is regurgitating the same patronizing messages and stale jokes from Pre-reg. They seriously should have outsourced that to famous comic book writers. At least then people wouldn't flinch with dread every time the bar refreshed.

9:00 am

And it begins. Remember, it's going to take a few minutes to get all of you sorted into order.

If you run into trouble, let CCI know by tweeting them @Comic_Con and emailing them at If you get bounced out of the system don't give up; log back in under your registration code and you allegedly will return to your former place in line.

8:55 am

Almost game time. I hate to go negative, but I have a feeling today could have more glitches and will definitely have more disappointed people than Pre-reg did.

I'm especially curious to see if the process really does only take an hour, as CCI predicts. If it does, that means they either massively improved the system in just a few weeks or already sold the lion's share of badges during Pre-reg.

8:08 am

Apparently some people are trying to enter their registration code more than once and getting an UNAUTHORIZED message. If you do have more than one code - like you're trying for you and your friend on the same laptop - use a different browser for each.

7:30 am

The day is here. Did everyone get their email with the link? If you're already in the waiting room, go do something else - waiting through the sale will be hard enough. Distract yourself while you can.

But first change your power save settings so that your computer doesn't go to sleep on you. You'll be facing long periods of inactivity this morning and you don't want anything to accidentally bounce you from the system.


  1. found this little gem while waiting in the waiting room! Good luck!

    1. Thank you! Hope you got the badge of your dreams.

  2. I got an error message. Will there be another sale?

    1. Yes, there will be a resale of all badges that get turned in for refunds. The deadline for turning in badges is May 23 (I think) so probably the resale will happen in June.

  3. I never got into a room, therefore I could not buy my friend a badge. I had to buy him a GamerCon ticket. It is crazy, during preregistration I had the option to buy Preview Night but during today, I could not even get into a registration session. Even with the lack of badges for my friend, I still like the new registration process (there could be changes). I didnt really hear of too many glitches and issues today. Last year was a mess -__-

    1. I agree - this is preferable to all the crashes and problems of previous years. I realize it doesn't feel that way to people who got shut out, but the reality is that the # of badges available remains the same no matter what; only the system itself can change. It can be made smoother, but it can't please a larger number of people happy.

      Sorry about your friend. But he'll have a good time at Gam3rCon.