A different kind of Comic-Con contest

17 MARCH 2014

illustration courtesy of Her Universe

Happy St. Patrick's Day. If you're not drinking away your Registration Day sorrows, and you happen to be a fashion designer, you will want to hear about a Comic-Con contest just for you. I can't actually tell if it will garner you a Comic-Con badge; it seems like it should, but that doesn't mean it will.

Her Universe is sponsoring a fashion design contest at San Diego Comic-Con for "geek couture." They will select 30 designs to be presented at the Her Universe Fashion Show on 24 July at the Grand Manchester Hyatt. This is not a cosplay contest; these are "fashions" and must be based "on anything that is celebrated at Comic-Con." (i.e., hot girls dressed up in sci-fi splendor, and not the sartorial laziness of nerd t-shirts and bad haircuts that really is celebrated at Comic-Con.)

Male or female designers are welcome to participate - one submission per person, three separate designs per submission - but the fashions are for females only. You must provide your own model, styling, makeup and hair design, AND pay for your own travel and hotel accommodations. (I'm going to assume Her Universe at least put aside rooms for these people, because otherwise they're asking the impossible of their contestants.)

Deadline is 4 April. Finalists will be announced via email no later than 18 April. The two winners will be guest designers with her Universe to design a Hot Topic collection.

So do the finalists get a badge to Comic-Con? I feel they should - but upon reading the fine print, this contest seems to be Con-adjacent as opposed to officially being part of it. Still worth investigating, though.

Find out how to submit here.

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