Returning volunteer registration opens 4 Feb

3 FEB 2014

Did you volunteer at San Diego Comic-Con last summer? Congratulations, you are the envy of everyone anxiously awaiting more pre-registration news - because you get to register for more volunteer duty tomorrow. If you're eligible, you got an email last week with details; if you didn't get one, and you're pretty sure you qualify, contact CCI now.

For those of you non-volunteers who just had a lightbulb go on, no, you can't become a volunteer at this late date. Not for this summer, anyway. The "Interest List" already capped out, with more than 11,000 people applying. If you are already on the list, you'll get an email about your shot at registering for volunteer duty later. Although getting an assignment is certainly not a guarantee; as CCI says in a classic understatement, "We anticipate that volunteer registration for those on the Interest List will reach capacity the same day that it opens."

Now back to our regularly scheduled pins and needles as we await the Pre-reg date.

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