Pre-registration is Saturday, 8 Feb

4 FEB 2014

Clear your calendar: this Saturday morning is Pre-registration.


When you get your email with the link and "personal registration code": sometime later this week.

When you enter the waiting room: anytime from 7 am -  9 am PST Saturday morning.

When Pre-reg goes live: shortly after (CCI is very clear on this) 9 am PST, Saturday.

CCI says you can also access your registration code by logging in to your Member ID account and clicking the “Registration Info” tab so if you haven't gotten your email by Friday morning, definitely do that. There's supposed to be an instructional video, which historically have been highly entertaining, but I don't think it's out yet.

ETA: Yes, it is. Enjoy.

I'll post more details and advice later but you can get more details here for now. At least the waiting is over.

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