Pre-registration update


If you were planning on most people accidentally tossing their badge before pre-registration, thereby giving you a competitive advantage, never mind. You don't need your badge for pre-registration next month. Instead Comic-Con will enter the badge code for you "as a one-time courtesy." I actually trust myself manually entering the code more than I trust CCI's programmers, but anyway.

This applies to everyone EXCEPT for those attendees who attended Comic-Con this summer as a child but will be 13 as of 1 November. They must try to pre-register along with everyone else - and they still need their badge to do so. In other words, kids who got in free this summer for being kids will stop being kids in CCI's eyes if they've turned 13 by 1 November. If that's your offspring, save their badge - they'll need it.

Now, as far as needing your badge for pre-registration - that's still going to happen next year. By which I mean the pre-registration in 2014 for the 2015 Con. The switcheroo this year is just a last-minute change marketed as a courtesy. Oh Comic-Con, never change. 


  1. When is it happening?

  2. They haven't given us the exact date, but November or December is the general idea. We should hear more sometime in October.