2014 dates - and last chance for NYCC


In case you didn't notice, the dates you need to take off from work next summer are July 23-27. That's right, Comic-Con has returned to its late July timeframe.

Speaking of sold-out Comic Cons, NYCC (Oct 10-13) sold out lightning quick this year - but they have made more Thursday tickets available, which you can buy now if you act fast.

And if you miss that one, tickets to Emerald City (March 28-30 in Seattle) are officially on sale now too. Because it's managed by sane people, they will be mailed out in advance. A 3-day pass is only $75 and the hotels on the site have rates in the $107-140 range. Everything is yours for the taking in a very affordable, leisurely, manageable way that SDCC will never be able to offer you again - so consider this seriously if you're sick of San Diego crowds and the registration lottery. Especially if your interests fall more on the comic book end of the scale and not so much on the Hollywood end.

I know I've been beating the Emerald City drum for a while and perhaps it's becoming tedious. But for the thousands of people who try and fail to attend SDCC each year, this is a fantastic alternative. It's constantly compared to San Diego in the mid-aughts, able to offer the riches of a large Con with the agility and convenience of a smaller Con. It's also attracting many of the talented artists and writers who can't afford to do San Diego anymore. So go ahead and buy a ticket. If you get shut out of the badge sale, you might be glad you did.

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