Exhibit Hall map is up - with booth numbers

27 JUNE 2013

If you take a leisurely approach to your Comic Con experience, you may be indifferent to the Exhibit Hall map and list of vendor/artist booth numbers CCI just published. If, however, you are competitive, organized and determined to vanquish your fellow attendees when it comes to getting the best exclusives at the best booths - you will want to check it out.

This is one of those resources that probably seems unnecessary to first-timers, but it's a smart idea to run through it and make a list of booth numbers to visit. The Exhibit Hall is colossal and crowded, and wandering  around assuming you'll notice the right vendors is a mistake. When the floor fills up, it's really easy to walk right by your favorite artist or #1 dream toy. I know list-making might not be your thing, and you might prefer to float through the Con in blissful spontaneity, but the whole experience is so big and busy that making a cheat sheet of your desired panels, booths and their locations is guaranteed to save you major frustration.

In fact, I'm going to provide a few references for the size of the convention center. This is an aerial view with the Hilton Bayfront to your right, and the Marriott Marquis as the shiny mirrored-looking building to the left. The car size should provide a sense of perspective. And the Convention Center Floor Plans will help you get an idea of just how far you might have to travel from one panel to another, or even through the Exhibit Hall. It's a big, big world, Comic Con is.


  1. What about the panels? When do we know where they are?

  2. The specific, official programming - a list of all of the panels, along with their times and locations - will be published two weeks in advance on a daily basis. Thursday's should be published on Thursday, July 4, Friday's on Friday, July 5, etc.

    It is VERY detailed and will tell you everything you need to know except the time at which you need to get in line.