At last, a good contest

22 MAY 2013

Were you thinking that it was getting a little late in the calendar to not be hearing about any contests? Well, fear not - Ben's Bargains and Game Rant have teamed up to offer one lucky winner and his/her friend a really good package

That would be:

  • round-trip airfare
  • four-day and three-night hotel accommodations
  • two badges to Comic-Con
  • $500 spending cash
  • the opportunity to attend "exclusive events"

They're pricing all of this at more than $4,000. Really? I agree that hotel and airfare can be outrageous, but 4K? Come on. Still, it is a pretty sweet deal. Focusing on the three-night hotel stay, I'm inferring that you get a four-day badge without Preview Night, and stay in the hotel Thursday-Sunday. As for the "exclusive events" - every contest says that. Even if there is a geek version of Bohemian Grove at Comic Con, I don't think your average contest winner is invited to it. I know that bloggers aren't.
So how do you enter? Go to or The contest closes on 16 June at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. You must be a U.S. resident and at least 18. And here's something interesting; you can "earn" additional entries by sharing the contest with friends on social media. Very wily of you, Ben's Bargains.
Visit for complete details and official rules.

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