Cancel your hotel room by Tuesday or else

26 APRIL 2013

No doubt you got the helpful reminder email from CCI, but 30 April is your last day to cancel your hotel room and get back your full deposit. If you cancel 1 May - 1 June, you'll only get back one night of the two night deposit you paid; after 2 June, you won't get a single penny.

I'm guessing the number of people who will cancel a hotel room at this point is significantly smaller than the number of people who will be hovering around the hotel reservation tool, hoping for the Hilton Bayfront to open up. But go on and keep checking anyhow, if you really want to upgrade your hotel for one or two nights at least. Yes, you'll still be on the hook for one night at your current hotel if you change in May, but you can still split your stay between that one and whatever dream room you manage to score.

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