Submit your work for the Souvenir Book by 19 April

4 MARCH 2013

Two things of note for artists and writers.

Artists - if you'd like to exhibit your work at Comic Con, consider entering the Art Show. This is not the same thing as Artist's Alley, nor does it refer to the various paintings, prints and jewelry you'll see in the Exhibit Hall. This is an organized show up in the Sails Pavilion that features a broad display of items, including the works nominated for this year's Eisners, and a special exhibit for the Will Eisner Hall of Fame. You can see the rules and entry form here.

Onto the Souvenir Book. That is the thick journal you get when you check in that's full of articles and artwork; CCI describes it as "a huge, full-color trade paperback featuring bios and photos of all of Comic-Con’s special guests, plus special articles and art built around Comic-Con’s themes and anniversary celebrations." 

Maybe you were unaware of this, but anyone can submit work for this. The deadline this year is 19 April; all artwork must be in color and articles must be based on the themes celebrated this year. Those would be....

75th anniversary of Superman
50th Anniversary of Marvel Superheroes - The Avengers, X-Men and Dr. Strange
50th Anniversary of Dr. Who (seriously)
35th Anniversary of Elfquest
25th Anniversary of Sandman 
25th Anniversary of The Tick
20th Anniversary of Bongo Comics
20th Anniversary of Milestone Comics
20th Anniversary of Strangers in Paradise
10th Anniversary of Aspen Comics

Three guesses which categories will inspire fervent fan-fiction. (Just kidding, no "adult situations" are permitted. You also can't commingle characters from different companies, which is just a travesty considering the possibilities in an adventure starring Death and the Doctor.) 

You can see the full submission rules here. Your award for getting published in the book: a free copy. Which you get anyhow if you attend, so apparently this is an extra copy to autograph and sell on Ebay once you're famous. Or to just give to your mom.

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