Hotels for Homeless Nerds

28 FEBRUARY 2013

So you didn't get a hotel at all. Yesterday you were dreaming of monitoring the Hall H line from your balcony at the Hilton Bayfront, and today you'd die for a room at Humphrey's Half Moon Inn.

In the interest of providing hope, I'm going to list hotels off the Shuttle Grid. It'll probably be a depressingly short list. But first check the Early Bird sale, because there are still rooms available.

Expect to find all of the below inconvenient, expensive, or both.

Estancia La Jolla Hotel - supposedly 20 minutes from the airport. Looks luxe, but they're offering "special rates" for Comic Con. If staying this far out doesn't bother you, check La Jolla hotels in general.

Hotel Indigo - yesterday they had vacancies; I doubt they do today, but go ahead and check.

Hotel Del Coronado - Gorgeous hotel on the beach with the best brunch ever. Supposedly it's haunted. You may have to take the ferry to the Con in the morning.

Gaslamp Plaza Suites - it's right there on E Street.

Somerset Suites - near the zoo. I have never heard of this place - it looks like one of those "extended stay" places.

Coronado Inn - according to commenter Antonio, it's at a bus stop, and that bus goes to Petco Park, across from the Con. If you stay there, tell Martha that Antonio says hi.

And... that's all I've got. Do you know of anything? Post it.


  1. Try the Coronado Inn.
    It's on a corner with a bus stop. The bus drops you off at the terminal next to the ballpark (across the street from the convention center).
    They also own the Coronado Island Inn, which is across the street from the Coronado Inn.
    If you don't like the bus, you can walk down to the pier and take the ferry, which, IIRC offers service to the convention center during comic con.

    Five years in a row, my friends and I would split the cost of a kitchenette suite at Coronado Inn, which was around $245 per night. If you end up staying there, tell Martha that Antonio says "Hi".

    1. Thanks, Antonio! I'll add that to the list, your instructions included.