Comic Con Badge Sale Information

14 FEBRUARY 2013

Did you get your Valentine today from CCI? It was a link to Saturday's badge sale.

How you can prepare:

1. Make sure you and any friends you're buying badges for have correct information in your Member ID account.

2. Review the Comic Con Badge Sale FAQ sheet.

3. Watch the below psychedelic instructional video on navigating the badge sale.

4. Make sure your credit card works and have a backup on hand. No Paypal, sorry.

5. Make sure your link - which is in the email you got today - is on hand. The customer service hotline number will be posted on Facebook 30 minutes before the badge sale goes live. Although honestly, if you're having severe enough problems to call a hotline, you're already out of the game in terms of time. 

6. Confer with your friends and arrange a system where you all keep each other apprised on who's in line and at what number. Don't drop out of line just because your friend got in line ahead of you and he's going to get your badge. Wait until the deal is all the way done.

7. If you are really serious about San Diego Comic Con, for god's sake don't stay out all of Friday night and come crawling in at dawn to attempt the badge sale melee in your hangover 3 hours later. You'll probably make a fatal typo somewhere and lose everything.

And because I know I'm going to get emails on this: if you didn't get an email today, but swear you have a Member ID - go into your account and get it straightened out. Everyone eligible for the badge sale should have received an email today. Now is not the time to vaguely assume you're in the system. Check and check again.

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