SDCC 2013 Pre-reg: Technical issues, but less competition

4 AUGUST 2012

Lots of complaints about delays, hang-ups and tech issues.  But the good news is that compared to the numbers of the last Registration Day, people were landing in at much higher numbers - say, three digits, rather than four. I talked to someone who couldn't get in until 8:01 but he made it in the 900's. On regular registration day in late March, people who logged in right at 8:00 often found themselves at 10,000 or higher.

The lesser competition has meant Preview Night badges for a lot of people who've never been that lucky. :) As for those of you who weren't... Hang tight and cross your fingers for regular Registration Day.

I'm already done, but I'll try to track when Preview Night and four-day badges sell out and then update.

8:38: Preview Night sold out.
8:49: Four day badges sold out, but single days are available.
8:57: Single days are selling out - Friday and Saturday are gone.
9:10: Rumor has it Sunday and Thursday are gone.

Also - don't freak out if your confirmation email hasn't come yet. It will. CCI has a mysterious email methodology that has nothing to do with order, but they do almost always get them out and complete eventually.

ETA: Here's how pre-reg works, for someone who's never been through it before.

Whatever badges you buy today, you can buy different badges on regular Registration Day - but they will either supplement or nullify what you bought today. Say you bought Friday and Saturday today. You can still try for a four-day badge on Registration Day and that will just cancel out your single day badges.

There is only a portion of badges being sold today. In the past, for on-site pre-registration, this number used to be between 10K and 15K. Last year, it was just under ten thousand. While we don't know the exact number of badges being sold today, because god forbid CCI be transparent and forthcoming, it's probably in that neighborhood. Either way, the vast majority of badges - of all kinds - will be sold on Registration Day. So buck up if you didn't succeed today. You will have another shot.


  1. I refreshed at 8:00 AM and was in the 7,000's. Was able to get two 4-day with preview night, though. This process was a million times better than last year's "waking up at 3am and standing in line for five hours".

    All in all, I say kudos to this new way.

  2. Yes, this is definitely the way to go. I know people who experienced difficulties are bitter, but last summer (2011) proved that physical pre-reg just isn't feasible anymore.