Booking hotels now

20 AUGUST 2012

No pressure. Really. But I've had a few of you emailing me to ask if you should have their rooms for next summer booked already. And the answer to that is - yes, IF you can do so without making a nonrefundable deposit.

Booking a safety room is a good idea, until that reservation demands hundreds of dollars up front that you'll never get back. If you don't even have a badge yet, that's quite a risk. And even if you do, you have a good chance of getting an equally good room at a much lower rate on Hotel Day.

It's ultimately up to you to decide how important staying at a certain hotel is. But if you really want to book a room now - and be aware that many hotels aren't even taking reservations for next summer yet - scout around  and try to get a deal where any monies paid are totally refundable.

Here's one place to start. Good luck.

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