Sunday programming is up

1 JULY 2012

Yes, we really are just days from the Con. And Sunday programming is up.

Hall H kicks off with Fringe at 10:00, followed by Supernatural at 11:15, followed by Doctor Who at 12:30.   The Cleveland show is at 1:45 and the Sons of Anarchy is at 2:45.

The Indigo Ballroom has a 20th anniversary of Buffy (TV show) at 2:15.

Spotlight panels are on Jason Shiga, Angelos Torres, Peter Hamilton, Alison Bechdel and Tom Yeates.

There's the usual Sunday devotional and panel on Christian comics at 10:00 in 32AB.

Emily the Strange has a panel at 10:00 in Room 23ABC.

Darwyn Cooke talks Parker at 12:30 in Room 8.

Alison Bechdel has a panel at 1:30 in 23ABC.

World War Z the movie isn't making an appearance this year, but Max Brooks is at 2:00 in room 7AB.

There's a Harry Potter Fandom panel at 4:00 in 6DE.

Jim Lee teaches everyone how to draw at 2:30 in room 2.

As always, Sunday has a lot for kids, including the Children's Film Festival from 10:00 - 5:00 in Room 9. There's a Kids Read! panel at 11:00 in 11AB, followed by Kids Draw! and plenty of other kid-oriented stuff. Also worth noting: Sundays (particularly afternoons) aren't as crowded on the Exhibit Hall floor, making it a good day for smaller people to not be trampled.

The Independent Film Festival awards are at 11:00 in the Marriott Hall 2.

Buffy the Musical is at 3:30 in 6BCF.

There are quite a few how-to panels, from breaking into the voice industry to novel publishing to manga. I've noticed that while Thursday continues to dominate for aspiring industry players, the panels are sprinkled quite liberally throughout all four days.

And that's about it.... A generally quiet day, save for the thunder of Hall H. Thus ends Comic Con 2012. 

Sunday programming


  1. Do you know how long in advance people show up to wait for Doctor Who? Is it over two hours? I'm going to Comic Con for the first time on Sunday, mainly for Doctor Who.

  2. I'm also looking at the map they have on the Comic Con website, and I can't find any mention of Hall H or the other rooms in the place. Where are they? (Mostly interested in Rooms 6BCF and 6DE besides Hall H--I know these areas should be near the Lobbies, am I correct in that regard?

  3. Helena - While Sunday isn't a bad day, line-wise, that's going to be a very popular day in Hall H. I do think a lot of people will clear out after Supernatural, but there are going to be some zealous Doctor Who fans waiting in the wings. I would swing by the line early in the day and see how it looks. Two hours may not be enough.

    It's hard to find a good floor plan visual. Here's one for the ground floor:

    You will see Hall H at the left side. This is the end that's near the Hilton Bayfront. At the right side is A, and that's near the Marriott Marquis.

    Room 6 is up on the second floor, more toward the Marriott end. You can see that here:

    The lobby runs almost the entire length of the convention center. Hope that helps.

  4. How serious are the threats of them checking ID's along with badges? This can only be done when an entrance is not as active with comings & goings without causing major bottlenecking or crowd backups (more then the usual traffic back ups). If I potentially borrow a 4 day pass I dont want to be ducking the dimwit hired security in red polo shirts asking for IDs.

  5. I'm guessing it'll be random checks inside the building, pulling the occasional person aside at the Exhibit Hall doors - somewhere it won't cause as much of a bottleneck. Probably embedding yourself in a crowd is a good tactic. I'm mostly interested how they'll deal with cosplayers whose costumes that don't allow wallets.

    I can't believe they're going to check many IDs. The point of this is to intimidate people away from buying scalped badges - but really, if someone wants inside Comic Con enough to spend $200 a day on a possibly fake badge, I don't think the threat is going to stop them.