Saturday programming is up

30 JUNE 2012

Saturday programming has been announced.

Ballroom 20 has Warehouse 13 at 10, Once Upon a Time at 11, Futurama at 12, the Simpsons at 12:45, Family Guy at 1:45, American Dad at 2:30, the Vampire Diaries at 3:30 and True Blood at 4:30. That's quite a line-up. I expect people will camp for this and once in the room, never leave. Something to consider before you spend your whole Saturday in line, waiting for people to exit and empty some chairs.

Hall H has Tarantino's Django Unchained at 11:30, then End of Watch and Silent Hill at 12:45; then Pacific Rim/Man of Steel/The Hobbit from 2:30-5. Iron Man is at 6 and Kevin Smith has his panel at 7:15.

Attack of the Show takes over Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton at 10.

Grimm didn't make it into Ballroom 20 but it has a panel in 6A at 3.

Spotlight panels are on Morrie Turner, Klaus Janson, Stan Goldberg, Gail Carriger, J. Michael Straczyinski, Ben Edlund, Doug Savage, Brecht Evans, Gilbert Shelton, Jim Lee and Joe Jusko.

Chris Hardwick hosts his Nerdist Panel in the Indigo Ballroom at noon.

Los Bros Hernandez will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Love and Rockets at 1:30 in room 24ABC.

Count on a line for this one: A Wrinkle in Time, where authors discuss sci fi, other dimensions and time travel - those authors including Hope Larson, Orson Scott Card, Charles Yu, Michael Cassutt and more.

Being Human is in the Indigo Ballroom at 3, followed by Shameless at 4, and Glee at 5.

Locke and Key - the comic, not the ill-fated pilot - is in room 9 at 5.

A huge Gays in Comics panel runs from 5:30 - 8 in room 6a. That includes a Gay Comic Fan Mixer from 7-8 so basically this is half-discussion, half-mingling.

The Revolution pilot will be re-screened in room 6BCF at 6.

There's a geek fashion show - I think that's what this is - at 6 in room 25ABC. Seems to be for girls only.

There's another tribute to Ray Bradbury in the Indigo Ballroom at 6 and this one also includes Joe Hill and Margaret Atwood, along with William Nolan and other luminaries.

It's the 10th anniversary of Courtney Crumin and Ted Naifeh will share it with you at 6:30 in room 26AB. Is it me or is it way too soon for Lenore and Courtney Crumrin to be having milestone anniversaries? God, I feel old.

The Fables panel runs from 7-8 in 6DE.

Mythbusters is back and in 6BCF at 7:15. This is usually a popular one so arrive early. Lost Girl follows at 8:15.

The CBLDF Live Art Auction is in Sapphire Room AB at the Hilton at 7:30.

The Masquerade starts at 8:30 in Ballroom 20.

The usual Hall H and Ballroom 20 replays run in 25ABC.

An intensely busy day, but Ballroom 20 is looking better than Hall H. If you decide to skip out on the big rooms, there seems to be some appetizing smaller panels to sink your teeth into.

Saturday Programming


  1. How far away is the Hilton from the convention center?

  2. The Hilton Bayfront is adjacent to the convention center - but still a bit of a hike, if you're running from one panel to another. If you're at the A or B sections, it's going to take a few minutes. If you're already down at H, half the battle is over.

    If you've never been to the convention center before, see this arial view:

    The big long facility in the middle is the convention center. You can see the Hilton to the right of it, and that shiny mirrored-looking building to its left is the Marriott Marquis. That gives you an idea of the distances needed to travel.

  3. Will there be any signs of somesort that guide you to each panel or do you have to find out for yourself?

  4. There are big signs in the convention center that direct you to the different rooms. The Exhibit Hall is on the ground level and the panels are up on the second floor - once you get up there, you'll see the signs pointing you in the direction of Ballroom 20 or Room 6, for instance. But there won't be any signs that say "Eureka panel here!" Sometimes a room will have a print-out by the door listing the panels and times, but not always. As far as panels and events in the Marriott and Hilton Bayfront, then there are more signs spelling out "Film Festival in room X on Floor 3" and so on.

    That said, you don't have to memorize anything. As soon as you're badged, you'll receive a thick guide with maps and details on every panel. But because it's so big, it's not really made for fast consulting. Your best bet is to create a daily list on your phone/tablet with panel times and rooms (and booth numbers for exclusives, if you care about that.)
    CCI's site has a tool for creating something similar: