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28 JUNE 2012

First up for Preview Night: the usual pilot screenings in Ballroom 20. This summer those are 666 Park Avenue, Arrow, The Following, Revolution and Cult.

Now onto Thursday.

As always, there are a lot of comic industry panels - how-to workshops on everything from creating characters to breaking into the industry, legal issues, publishing, promotion, you name it. If you're an aspiring comic book professional, this is your day. I can't personally vouch for the usefulness of these panels as I don't attend them, but I have heard most of them are valuable and not just fluff.

TV: Battlestar Galactica past and (sort of) present kicks off the day with a 35th anniversay panel at 10:30. More TV panels: Teen Wolf, Psych, Nikita, Beauty and the Beast. FearNET's Holliston is featured at 8:30 pm at room 24ABC. Workaholics is at 6:30 in 24ABC.

And be still my heart, Archer is in the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton at 5. Dexter is in Ballroom 20 at 6. In other words, you can't do both. 

Spotlight panels today are on Becky Cloonan, Karl Kerschl, Geoff Darrow, Bill Amend, Mark Schultz, Jim Silke and Mike Carey.

Regular comic book panels from DC, Marvel, Image, IDW, Vertigo, Malibu and Dark Horse are sprinkled throughout the day. The Walking Dead - the comic, NOT the show - has its own panel, as it should, at 3:45 in 6A.

There's an interesting-looking panel called Censorship and the Female Artist at noon, followed by Progressive Politics in Comics. Also Rewriting the Rules of Queers in Comics at 6 and other feminist-sounding panels on The Most Dangerous Women at Comic Con and an all-woman anthology. CCI is definitely continuing their trend of more introspective panels, like last year's Deepak Chopra/Grant Morrison collaboration.

Book lovers, this is your panel: Ray Bradbury's Lasting Impact on Literature, Comics, Film, and Beyond. Joe Hill, Margaret Atwood and Mort Castle share their genius thoughts. The lit nerd in me just shivered uncontrollably.

Also bookish: an HP Lovecraft panel at 8 in Room 9 and several panels on novels-turned-graphic and bookstore comics, including a Simon and Schuster panel.

Bizarrely, there's a panel on 1982. The year, that is, which was apparently some pinnacle of geek culture. As evidence, they list the art school hit Liquid Sky and the most mainstream pop song ever, Come on, Eileen along with movies like Poltergeist and E.T. Sorry, not seeing it.

As expected, Breaking Dawn gets in and out of Hall H early on and then we move on to Disney's line-up of Frankenweenie, Oz and Wreck-It Ralph. Hotel Transylvania is over in the Hilton's Indigo Ballroom at 3.

Last year's Virtual Drive-in continues in Hall H from 6:15 - 8:15 pm with horror movies Branded, Crave and Coldwater. Yeah, I've never heard of them either, but sometimes those are the most fun.

Spike and Mike are at 7:15 in 6BCF.

And yes, they are repeating last night's nightly panel replay of Hall H and Ballroom 20 but in room 25 ABC. Discussions only are included: no footage.

For you silver fox comic nerds, there's an "Early Fandom Meet and Greet" for people who liked comic books in the 60s and 70s in room 28E from 8-10 pm.

If you have thoughts you want to share on Comic Con IV: A Fan's Hope, come to Ballroom 20 at 8:30.

In summary: lots of panels on the comic industry, women, animation, books and horror. But most of the entertainment big guns will be rolling out on Friday and Saturday.

There are more night panels than before - this is probably a good idea as it'll allow people more rest breaks and greater spacing for what they want to see and do. There also seem to be more social events. I know the #1 question I get asked (okay, #2 - #1 is "how do I get tickets?") is "how do you meet people at Comic Con?" Despite all the party coverage, most attendees don't have anywhere to go at night and rush through their days to sit in their hotel rooms after dinner. I think the new direction in programming will alleviate that to an extent.

Thursday Programming

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