Costume Weapons Policy Posted

22 JUNE 2012

I know this is exactly the update you've been waiting for.

Here's the deal on your costume weapons: they are allowed, but must be inspected at the Weapons Check Desk in Lobby E, whereupon they will be tagged by Security and you will be given a lovely wristband to wear that shows you passed muster. Try to skip out on this and you will be "escorted" to the security station.

So what passes muster? Your costume weapon must conform to state and federal laws; must be inoperable if projectile; swords must be tethered so they cannot be drawn.

Now - I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the programming schedules. It's a safe guess that they will go up next week on their corresponding days - i.e., Thursday's panels will be published Thursday, and so on. So sit tight.

If you haven't checked the 2012 page, there's some Hall H information there, namely that Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are reigning large Friday morning and afternoon. Welcome to the worst line of the Con.

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