Preview Night: Lines, lines and more lines

20 JULY 2011

I got badged at approximately 1:30 p.m. today. There were already a few hundred people in line for the Exhibit Hall opening at 6:00. I understand they were stalking exclusives but it gave me an uneasy feeling about the pre-reg line tomorrow, which I have heard discussed at intersections, on the escalator and in the women's room. 7:00 am seems to be the time people feel secure about. The fools.

There was also a line for the pilots in Ballroom 20 before 2:00. Not a long one but it seemed to be picking up steam as people arrived after 3:00 (the official badging time for Preview Night.) I still couldn't get a solid answer on the timing of the pilots, but the general consensus seems to be that Alcatraz is first, at 6:00.

Now. I consulted some official Elite security people on this new policy of not being allowed to form lines unless you are badged. They clarified that you CAN stand in line, you just won't be allowed inside without a badge. In other words, it's exactly the same as always. However, they did say they aren't responsible if they're wrong, so that's also the same.

The Hall H lines wasn't outrageous as of this morning; it kind of looked like spectators at a polo match, with lots of women sitting in folding chairs and drinking iced tea under a long canopy. I have a great picture I unfortunately can't post of a life-sized Edward Cullen statue that was wrapped in a blanket to protect it from the sun. God knows what it's been used for.

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