Badge Pick-Up Problems at Town and Country

20 JULY 2011

Yikes. Apparently so many people descended on the Town and Country to pick up their badges today that it caused a huge traffic jam. As a result, a lot of people never even got close to the hotel. Which means tomorrow morning's attendee line could be longer than expected, so time your arrival accordingly.

As for how Preview Night went, I only logged an hour in the Exhibit Hall due to watching Alcatraz, so I never saw much beyond comic booths. I did see The Walking Dead exhibit (photo op with Merle Dixon) and the colossal Avengers exhibit. The Pan Am plane exhibit was claustrophic and not as cool as it sounded. I wasn't able to identify any surprise must-sees.

Alcatraz, by the way, was solid. They're screening it again Saturday, this time with a panel that includes Jorge Garcia. I had to watch Supernatural Anime to see it, which mostly drew laughter, then annoyed sighs when they screened a second episode. Tough crowd or mediocre show? I would say both.

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