Final 2011 coverage

26 JULY 2011

You're probably sick of all things Comic Con at this point. But this is exactly when all the good information comes out on everything from embarrassing failures to surprise successes to regular gossip.

Bleeding Cool has the most thorough repository of articles. As in exhaustive. io9 has their take on the best clips, the best comic book news and good buzz and bad. And MTV has great interviews, as noted.

As far as buzz.... Captain America did great numbers this weekend, but Cowboys and Aliens is getting the rave reviews. For all the new TV shows showcased this past weekend, Person of Interest, The River and Alcatraz seem to have impressed. I'm also hearing a lot more than I ever expected about Dorothy of OZ.

Movie buzz: The Amazing Spider-Man, Knights of Badassdom, Fright Night and Prometheus aren't generating unanimous excitement, but they're what I see getting analyzed nonstop. Ditto The Dark Knight Rises, which seemed to be on everyone's mind.

General Con stars: People seemed smitten with Guillermo del Toro, Andrew Garfield, George R.R. Martin and Robert Rodriguez.

Overall, though, it seemed like an even-keeled Comic Con. I didn't feel any one panel or movie or graphic novel that was "it." I didn't hear about any single must-have item in the Exhibit Hall or hear about any really memorable parties. At this point, Comic Con is such a many-headed hydra that it's probably impossible to identify such things.

As for gossip: at this point, everyone has heard that Shocker Toys was served with court papers for non-payment to their artists during their own panel, that a Marvel writer punched a Marvel editor at the Hyatt bar, that Adrianne Curry was kicked out of the convention center for showing her bare ass in her Aeon Flux costume, and that a naked Danerys walked around the Exhibit Hall for half an hour before being escorted out. (That last is believed to be a hoax. The picture is out there but I'm not linking to it.) And of course, online forums everywhere are alive with stories of illicit geek love in Comic Con hotel rooms.

It's over. A few months from now, the registration frenzy will begin and I'll post about it - but till then, sayonara.

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