Doing the numbers on pre-registration

21 JULY 2011

Sorry to focus on pre-registration so much, but it's what a lot of people are talking about right now.

A few things. One, badges with Preview Night are NOT sold out completely, as I've heard people say. There will be more for sale Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each day 2400 badges will be available. Some will be single day, some will be four day with and without Preview Night. Those with Preview Night are going the fastest, so even if you make it into that group of people who can buy badges, you may not get one.

This means people will line up earlier and earlier each day (night.) I met people today who spent five hours in line, got nowhere, and are going back tomorrow around 3 a.m. basically, they're giving up panels for each day in the hopes of registering for next year where they will have to do the same thing....? This is going to Comic Con to stand in line to attend Comic Con.

It isn't worth it. Here's the math. They are selling 2400 badges a day for four days. That's less than ten thousand. Even if eight thousand of those are Preview Night badges, that's just a little more than half of all Preview night badges, which normally number around fifteen thousand. And it could easily be fewer.

At some point you have to enjoy the Comic Con you're at. This pre-reg system isn't working, in my opinion, and it's baffling they're choosing to only sell ten thousand badges onsite when they used to sell twice that many. Online registration will no doubt be the same insanity as ever but at least that's from the comfort of your own home.


  1. Gonna have to disagree. I didn't show up till 6:30am. I was out by 10am with preview and there were still 25% left when I bought mine with only maybe 7 rows left in the bldg. 7-10 rows = about 25%. So pretty much everyone who was in the bldg got preview who wanted it.

  2. No. It sold out after you left and there were at least nine rows of people still waiting. I was there.

    This is why posting the percentage left is not helpful, at any rate, since it doesn't tell you the number started with or the number remaining. It's a ridiculous system.

  3. You also aren't mentioning that everyone in the bldg was guaranteed 4 1 day passes. You might not get preview night but they absolutely guaranteed you tickets.

  4. Yes, if you make it inside the building, you can get a badge. It doesn't mean you will get the one you want. That is my point and it's an important one considering people are sacrificing hours of their time here. if people are content with whatever they get, that's great. For attendees who care immensely about Preview Night, they should know in advance there's no guarantee.

    I'm simply pointing out that plenty of Preview Night passes will go up for sale when online registration begins and that's worth thinking about when planning your pre-reg game plan.