Refund deadline for passes

16 JUNE 2011

If you have a Comic Con pass but can't go, the deadline for requesting a refund is June 20. See here for more details.

And remember, as I covered earlier, you cannot sell your pass yourself for a massive profit. Well, you could if you found someone dumb enough to buy it, but they won't be able to use it and since your name and address are on the confirmation print-out, it's probably best not to enrage anyone.

For those of you still hoping to buy a pass, CCI should begin putting up the refunded ones any time after the deadline. I would like to predict this more accurately, but they've varied both their timing and their methods in the past. Sometimes they've released the passes in a steady trickle, sometimes they've waited until the last minute; sometimes they've combined them with hotel rooms in packages; sometimes they've sold them on their own site and sometimes on Ebay. The best thing to do is follow SDCC on Twitter and be ready at any moment.

If you are able to buy one, but don't have a hotel room, buy the pass and worry about the room later. There are still hotel rooms on the Travel Planners system and while they may not be great, you will be able to get some kind of lodging, even if not for all four nights. Think of it this way, attending this summer's Con is probably the only way to ensure you can go next year. Just do what you need to do to get in the door now and you can get a fancy hotel next summer.

I will post whatever I hear about refunded passes going up for sale. But if they're smart, CCI will release them suddenly and quietly to avoid a stampede/system crash.


  1. Actually you can sell the tickets for a huge profit which is what I am going to do. You find someone on craigslist then meet them at SD get your ticket then give it to him in my case for at least $700

  2. Aren't you the enterprising capitalist. I assume you and your client are both local then? If you remember, let me know how much you end up getting.