Hotels are open again

23 MARCH 2011

You probably already know this if you're desperate, but you can book hotels again, and this time without the ridiculous pick-out-your-favorites-and-in-a-week-we'll-tell-you system. As in the old days, you just log into the system and see what's available.

So what is available? Not the walking-distance hotels for all four nights. BUT there are plenty of hotels, some on the shuttle route, that are available Weds-Sunday and that is saying something. (My recommendation based on what I saw would be Sheraton San Diego Marina, because it's on the shuttle route, is a quick ride away and is on the water.) And of course as we get closer to May, when the hotel deposits become non-refundable, you will see some rooms free up.

Don't forget that other people (like me) have released their non-Travel Planners booked backup rooms, which means some Gaslamp hotels have rooms available again - although not with Con discounts. My friends got a room last week at the Horton for only 240 a night, booked on their own. That's 3 blocks from the Con. Call around and see what you find out. You might be surprised.

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