CCI updates SDCC badge prices, hints that badge sale is "soon"

 9 OCTOBER 2023

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Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day! If you're looking for something to focus on besides the distressing weekend news, you will want to visit and check out CCI's latest hints that Returning Registration is almost upon us. 

While it's merely listed as TBA, they do say "on sale soon" and point out that new attendees still have time to create a Member ID account (hint, hint.) They also list the new prices: $350 for a full Preview Night badge.

I'm resigning myself to an October 14 badge sale, though I really hope I'm wrong. Whether it's next Saturday or not, it's imminent enough that we should all prepare. That means logging into your Member ID account and making sure it all looks good, confirming you have the $$$ to pay for your badge and whoever else you're buying for, and organizing your buying group details. And get your first-timers set up with their Member ID accounts now.

If it is next weekend and you're going to be at NYCC when it happens (East Coast time puts you right in the convention center with the Con in full swing), I wouldn't count on doing this on your phone. Just my advice. 

We'll see what announcements the week brings.

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