SDCC strikes out

 13 JULY 2023

With the announcement of the SAG strike, and the cancellation of many panels, it looks like we are headed into a rather dismal Comic-Con. I want to make it clear I support the strikes - and I'll spare you my accompanying diatribe - but at the same time, the timing couldn't be worse for SDCC. This year wasn't going to be exactly electric anyhow, and now it feels like most of the few remaining lights have flickered out.

I've seen a few people reminding everyone that Comic-Con should be about comics anyhow, and who needs actors and television shows, but they seem to forget:  SDCC mutated into a big Hollywood juggernaut years ago, and now there's little else left. It's not like comic book nerds like me can just shift our attention to the major comic talent/panels because there's barely any of it there. 

And sure enough, we're seeing some attendees simply cutting their losses and skipping the Con - even though they'll lose their hotel deposit. I do understand this decision, especially for people who have suffered a layoff or are simply struggling under inflation and would prefer to take an airfare credit and not spend on restaurants.

But I still believe the rest of us will have a good time. Gaming, screenings, art shows, the IFF, and a decent number of parties are in play, and so are plenty of panels! This year's spoils will definitely go to those attendees who love discussing arcane topics or playing trivia games or going deep into Star Trek analysis. Or those who decide to just party every night and ignore the days.

We'll see what tomorrow and the weekend bring.

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