Happy Comic-Con Eve!

 18 JULY 2023

It's almost here! Despite all the moaning about a celebrity-less Con, I think (or hope) that we're all feeling excited. So here are 4 last-minute reminders.

Set expectations with your family, coworkers, and paramours.
I think many of us live in a world where our associates expect 24/7 availability, even on "vacation." My advice: ruthlessly cut them off now. Tell them the convention center is so loud you can't hear a phone ring and the connectivity so poor that it's difficult to get texts. Emphasize that Comic-Con is sacred and there's no "downtime" for you to dial into a conference call or check email. If you absolutely must, schedule a daily check-in time and restrict them to it. 

Make sure you have your badge and other documents.
Check 7 times that you have your badge. Make sure you have any tickets, have contact information for everyone you're seeing, and save any emails from coworkers who want you to pick something up for them. Save your boarding pass and online hotel check-in information.

Get your money in order. 
Transfer your funds around, bring a credit card with ample room, and bring a healthy amount of cash. There's no such thing as being too flush at Comic-Con. And paying in cash can avoid those annoying credit card freezes where your bank wants you to verify that you really did just spend $817 in one hour in a new city on vendors with odd names.

Pack appropriately.
Depending on where you live, the weather forecast could look warm or chilly to you. But we will see days in the 70s, nights in the 60s, which I feel represents different sides of the wardrobe spectrum. If you're part lizard like I am and get cold easily, bring a sweater or jacket - and bring a swimsuit since you'll probably have more time for your hotel pool than usual. And don't forget any extra cosplay components - repair tools, sewing kits, zombie makeup wounds, alternate wigs etc.

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