12 things to buy for SDCC on Amazon Prime Days

11 JULY 2023 

Amazon Prime Day starts today. You've probably noticed Target and other retailers are trying to muscle in by offering their own deals. All of which means it's a good time to order the little (or expensive) amenities that make SDCC so much better. 

I have no idea if you'll find an actual Prime deal on any of this stuff - but it's worth looking. Just bear in mind that sometimes their "deals" aren't actual savings at all. But you knew that, right? Anyhow:

#1. Orthotics and/or supportive shoes. By now, you probably have your Con shoes ready - but it doesn't hurt to buy some cushiony orthotics or extra support.  When it comes to SDCC footwear, a general rule of thumb is that the dorkier it looks, the better your feet will feel.

#2. Backup batteries and power supplies. Comic-Con is a vampire that sucks the power from phones and cameras - and it can be hard to get a good charge within the convention center. Bring all the extra power sources you can.

#3. GoPros, cameras, and phones. If you're going to upgrade anyhow sometime this year, do it now. Give yourself enough time to play with the camera and voice recorder. Also, if your current film gear is heavy and cumbersome, consider getting some smaller, Con-friendly devices.

 #4. Air hammocks and portable chairs. Brag time: last year I bought an incredible chair on Prime Day with a little canopy. I felt kind of ostentatious unfolding it in the ADA line. But it was a life saver as everyone else burned in the sun. Incredible advances have been made in the world of camp and portable chairs, so go ahead and invest. Same for air mattresses, if you're cramming a bunch of people in one hotel room. 

#5. Earplugs and sleep masks. Speaking of sharing rooms. Roommates creep in and out at all hours at SDCC and some hotels are really noisy, especially Gaslamp hotels with rooms close to street level.  A portable white noise machine can be a godsend too.

#6. Braces, splints and other supports. It's easy to aggravate your plantar fasciitis, bad knee, slipped disc, etc. at SDCC. If you have any kind of structural weak spot, give yourself support before it starts hurting.

#7. Cosplay components. It's always a good idea to buy back-up wigs, props, theatre makeup, fixative sprays, and sewing kits, just to be safe.

#8OTC drugs. At some point in SDCC, it's a safe bet you or someone in your group will have sunburn, constipation, a hangover, blisters, a surprise period, a headache, a stiff neck from a weak pillow, eye strain, or some other ailment. And hotel gift shop prices are pure robbery.

#9. Good water bottles, coolers, and lunch packs. It's amazing to think of how we all used to bake in the sun for hours in line with just a small plastic bottle of water for hydration. Now insulated lunch packs and tumblers can carry us comfortably through a long day of panels and lines.

#10. Sketchbooks and journals. I feel like scrapbooking is no longer what it used to be in Con circles; same with collecting artist sketches. But I'm sure some of you still do it.

#11. Digital business cards. Something like a Popl can make it really easy to connect with people - because pulling out a paper business card feels so corporate and yet "I'll find you on Instagram" hardly ever comes to fruition. You can format it however you want, such as including your social accounts, your online portfolio, and a line or two about what you actually do. It's the fastest way to ensure your new contacts can follow up with you.

#12. Masks. You don't have to mask up if you don't want to - but it doesn't hurt to bring one just in case someone next to you starts coughing with the Bubonic Plague. 

How ready do you feel?

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