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 12 APRIL 2023

9:40 am

So it looks like there was a mismatch between days/dates. If yours look wrong, CCI has assured us that we will all get the correct days. 

I knew this went too smoothly. There had to be a snafu somewhere in the mix, but it seems to be a minor one as things go.


My god that went fast. Did you think so? This wasn't one of those agonizing, watch your little man move forward at turtle pace, sales. However, the fact that many of us got in immediately and plenty more got in quickly, doesn't bode well. We shouldn't get a false sense of confidence.

Speed seems to be the hotel theme this year - it's announced with barely any notice, it's over with quickly, and we'll find out at once on Monday. I like it - and I'm pleased that CCI has been able to accelerate the process.

Hope you did well! I'll be back on Monday to talk about room transfers.

8:52 am

Take that bathroom break now or forever hold your peace.

8:31 am

In case you didn't notice - you can request 12 downtown hotels. However, if you're late getting into the form and you're pretty sure the Hilton Bayfront and its ilk are gone, definitely pick some non-downtown hotels just to up your chances and have a little more control in the process.

7:37 am

Today is arguably the 2nd most stressful day of the Comic-Con year - but with more wiggle room than a badge sale. If you're nervous (with good cause) about today, remember that many options will float your way even if today is a disaster. There's the wait list, there are people who need roommates, there are transfers, there are people letting go of other hotel rooms. You WILL find a room to call your own. Eventually.

But let's think positive for now! Make all the right moves today - don't copy someone else's link, don't give up when your little man looks slow, and calm your shaking hands once you get into the submission form. Don't rush. It's the time you enter the form that matters, and then you have 15 minutes to fill it out. Slow down, pick the correct hotels, and make sure you enter your Member ID and your Member "class" - attendee, volunteer, etc. Those boxes are on there for a reason.

Also - the Solamar Hotel is now called Margaritaville, if you're wondering why you can't find it. I think Solamar is more elegant but I would stay at a hotel called Landfill if it was right next to the convention center.

And also remember, you don't need your credit card today - paying your deposit comes later. Just focus on filling out your form correctly.

Finally, hopefully everyone learned from the badge sale what happens when someone uses the link of someone else's waiting room: Detective CCI will bust you. So don't do that, because it's not worth risking having your room assignment cancelled.

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