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 5 NOVEMBER 2022

10:17 am

It's over. In the end, the sale wasn't slow at all - it just was competitive. Or rather, it was divided between people who knew how to game the system and people who didn't. 

I'm sure CCI put a lot of time and money into this new system, but it's not fair nor effective, in my opinion. It needs to be 1 Member ID for 1 waiting room session and that's it. This should be doable so I don't know why it's not designed that way.

If you didn't get a badge today, I do know how devastating that is. Please look into other Cons like NYCC, Emerald City, Dragon Con, etc. San Diego has a classic grandeur, it's true, and I know it would be emotionally difficult for me to miss it. But there are other Cons and they have a lot to offer.

9:51 am

I thought this sale was running slow - but it actually isn't, not that slow. It's just a lot of people in the waiting room.  The end of PN, Saturday and Friday aren't that different from other Open Reg sales.

9:47 am

Okay, this is officially a very competitive sale. Yes, Open Reg always is, but basing my numbers against former years - this is tough.

And to make it even more bittersweet, I got in just before Preview Night sold out - but the 3 first-timers I bought for only wanted 2 days. It killed me to leave Preview Night on the shelf.

9:16 am

Nearly everyone I know is stuck in "more than an hour" land. Tough sale.

8:25 am

What can we expect today? A raucous, brutal competition? More tech snafus? I don't know! But it'll probably be typical in that many of us won't get the days we want or won't get a badge at all.

If you do run into trouble, remember to screenshot everything and stay calm. And don't try any shenanigans, as CCI has proved their detectives are onto you.

Good luck!

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